As I drive around in the Yakima Valley right now, watching everything that grows, grow, it strikes me how unintentionally optimistic the land is.  Unlike us humans sometimes, it cannot help but move forward.  Given care and water, a seed sprouts, vines curl and move toward the sun, the trees leaf out and set fruit.  When left to their own devices, they just become.  I found this inspiring on my latest photographic foray through the Valley.  In the mesmerizing rhythm of irrigation with the mountains’ ever watchful presence to the west, there is a gentle indifference in the growing crops that is encouraging.  Not carelessly indifferent, simply unattached with an onward flow.



6 responses to “Unintentional Optimism

  1. The most beautiful time of year in our valley. So many reasons to be thankful.
    Thanks for sharing Andreana!

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