We at rooted are excited to launch a new feature we’re calling #ROOTCAM.  After celebrating our second anniversary, we all agree that one of the most amazing parts of our job is the incredible people we get to meet all over the Yakima Valley and interact with every week.  We decided we want more from them.  We want to see what they see, and experience what they’re doing on a more intimate level. We purchased a new digital camera, affectionately christened the #rootcam, and we’ll be giving it out regularly to different folks throughout the Valley, so that we can have a more personal look at their world, where ever that may be.

For our inaugural piece, we have passed the lens to Lupe Verduzco.  Lupe has lived in the Yakima Valley her entire life.  She graduated from A.C. Davis several years ago and is now a full-time staff member at a Moxee hop farm where she helps implement the GLOBAL GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) farming standards throughout the year.  We thought Lupe would be a great one to capture the action of a hop harvest.  She did an awesome job, Thanks so much Lupe!

Lupe Verduzco


















6 responses to “#ROOTCAM: Through Lupe’s Eyes

  1. I love this. Perspective is everything. I am looking forward to the different vantages we will be shown through the eyes of our fellow Valley dwellers. Forward Ho! #ROOTCAM

  2. Ok. My very favorite Rooted yet! Rootcam; So massively interesting and ingenious. The lens, the person behind the lens, the perspective! Thank you Rooted ninjas for helping us to see the real valley,

  3. Thanks for sharing..a view of the daily sequence of hop production..takes a lot of people to make for tasty hops and beer.

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