From restaurants to livestock, tacos to beer, and fruit to flowers, rooted readers reflect on the diversity of all that we have in the Yakima Valley, and reminisce over memories that stories evoked. Rooted is a place to commune over the land and its offerings. Thank you to our readers and to our many guest writers for shaping what we collectively create and share about our valley. Cheers to another year of cultural communing!

the rooted team (Aileen, Andreana and Shelley)

A Winter Pearl 

I love the valley pictures you so lovingly shared to catch glimpse in remembrances of my Homeland’s countryside. Being that I’ve spent 40 years in the city of Seattle heart was reminded of the fresh beauty of winters in the Yakima Valley with bright sunny days even in winters. Thank you for sharing.

– Lucy Castillo McCornell , January 6, 2017


The Soil the Sight the Season

Lovely, well written story. I have the greatest respect for the people that work so hard to produce our food, wine and beer and the all the wonderful crops in our area. I was a “city kid” before I moved here 10 years ago and had no idea what it takes to put food on my table. Every year I gain more respect for EVERYONE who helps with making the magic happen. Part of our dinner prayer is always a thank you to the hands that grow our food. 

– Tammy Meehan, September 22, 2017


Zen and the Art of Berry Picking

– B. Victor Monahan, 


Restaurant Roots Connecting With the Heart of a Community

Another inspiring post from Rooted! Every post gives me pride in our valley, admiration for those who are in the trenches to provide the best produce, the best food, the best experience. Each post gives me goosebumps, makes me tear up a little, and just makes me want to share our special monumental place in the world with, well… the world! Thank you!

– Sarah Morgan, September 15, 2017


Through Lupe’s Eyes

Ok. My very favorite Rooted yet! Rootcam; So massively interesting and ingenious. The lens, the person behind the lens, the perspective! Thank you Rooted ninjas for helping us to see the real valley.

– Anne Caffery, September 9, 2017


The Starling and the Falcon

Super interesting, informative, well researched and written (murmurations!). Just a little bit funny too. Wouldn’t you know the starlings came from NY. Good going “Rooted”. The piece merits a national audience…or dare I suggest the “New Yorker”.

– Pat Burke, September 2, 2017


The King Crab Season of Harvest 

Excellent article! Another reason to love Rooted Valley.

– Casey Corr, July 8, 2017


Salmon for Flowers

Peonies shall always remind me of Toppenish . . . though, I never knew of this wonderful family and their blooms. My Grandparents lived on Wapenish Road, and later we lived in the same home, for a few years while I was in high school. Grandmother had peonies framing the front yard of their home, sometimes getting as big as dinner plates. Thank you for this wonderful article, and sweet memories of peonies. Thank you.
– Sheri Scalley Solomon, May 13, 2017


Prosser Farm: A Labor of Love

Oh yes, Jackie, you have that farmers heart.. I left farming behind ten years ago but I still miss some of those quiet hours, early early in the morning, herding the tractor around and thro the grapes, or out repairing the pipe that was squirting 10 feet in the air, and had been all night…I don’t miss alot of the things you mentioned..mildew in the grapes, frost in the apricots but it all goes together to be called ‘farming’. Well written, well written.

– Jane Manley, 


Tacos A Love Story 

How can an article about tacos make me tear up? I think because it’s not just about tacos but the love the author has for the people who make them and the people with whom he shares them. Fantastic article.”

– Mark Levad, December 16, 2017


Asparagus, the Forerunner

Your stories are always fun to read. As a neighbor, I take this all for granted. I send them to my cousin in Kansas who is also a farmer. He comes and visits and likes our many crops. Keep up the good work.

– Kenny Sealock, April 21, 2017


A Hop Over to Brooklyn

Thank you for the continually great journalism about the priceless area in which I/we come from. Tell Graham I said hello.

– Richard Schell, October 28, 2017

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