Rooted’s summer college crew, Claire & Brent, came back to work at the farm again this year.  They spent some time out in the orchards of Parker Heights, a unique growing area tucked inside Union Gap, during stone fruit’s first harvest—the apricot. The duo visited Badgley Ranches, whose family has been growing apricots for decades. These apricots are sold as far as Los Angeles and make their way to Western Washington during this short season.

Thank you, college crew for these impressive photos.

Photo Credit Claire Desmarais and Brent Gorrebeeck

Chef Jessica Smith, crafted this quick apricot appetizer with local fruit from Fruit City,
and honey from Chester Ferguson at the Yakima’s Farmer’s Market.

Grilled Apricots with Blueberry Chevre

3-6 apricots, cut in half

salt and pepper

blueberry chevre, any flavor works; try plain, herb or pepper

local honey

toasted pistachios


Heat a grill or grill pan. Lightly spray the cut side of the apricots with cooking oil and grill for 1-2 minutes, until you have visible grill marks. Top each half with chevre and pistachios; garnish with fresh blueberries and honey.




2 responses to “Stone Fruit’s First Harvest

  1. Great photo essay. I love that you took us from orchard to plate. I also love that you showed us the people that do this back breaking work – so that we all can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Photo #3 is now my screen saver. Thanks for bringing me a little bit of (digital) sunshine!

  2. funny, i thought it was Aileen who did all the photography. ( i complimented her up & down) . well then, please know, I LOVE the sights , color , textures & im afraid ” tastes” : it’s THAT good.
    Aileen, .I still love you. your humble sister, .Chrissy in .Queensbury, NY

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