Yakima photographer, Michelle Baumbach captured the Cowiche Canyon for rooted this week. Enjoy the beauty.

When autumn has finished its impressive display in town and the leaves have fallen from all the trees, it’s the canyon’s turn to dazzle.  During these cold and quiet months, the beauty of Cowiche Canyon is in its details.  Gone are the sweeping vistas of wildflowers and sage.  In their place is the subtle, yet mesmerizing beauty of winter.  A blanket of white snow can leave the landscape unfamiliar and exciting to explore.  Near the creek below there is a mixture of vivid reds and bronzes that only seem to appear when the colors of summer and fall have faded away.  Grasses that were once shades of green become pale colors that capture the winter sun and spin it like gold.  Thick moss clings to cold rocks and the pods and skeletons of forgotten flowers are left behind like proud relics.  I imagine that it’s precisely because of this absence of color on the ground that my camera is better able to capture the winter sky as it explodes in color, light and contrast and then sets for the day.


To enjoy more of Michelle Baumbach’s photography, visit her site baumbachlife.com.

10 responses to “#ROOTCAM: Capturing the Winter Sun

  1. tx a ton, Michelle. Never knew how a canyon, of all places, could be beautiful, in winter!
    I’ve grown because of this. hey, txrooted ladies.

  2. You really captured the beauty of our area this time of year. I am captivated by the color all around us. I hope that everyone can see the kalidescope of color through your lens, Michelle!

    1. Thank you Kerry! I’m going to keep trying to make time for it! It’s not hard to find beautiful subjects right around us – just the t ime!! I’d do it all day except for, you know, laundry, meals, family…life! Haha!

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