Wild American

In some ways, hops are the puritans of your beer.  Of European heritage, they are the bittering agent in your golden glory, preserving your beverage instead of your soul.  While hop varieties have certainly expanded in the last 100 years, most still have that puritanical thread running through their lineage.  Neomexicanus hops however, are purely … Continued

#ROOTCAM: Apples to Market

It goes without saying–a child changes everything.  After two years of trying to find a work/family life balance, I decided I needed to make a change and take a break from my 14-year career in social work.  I may return some day, but right now having more time with my family has been priceless; even … Continued

Highfalutin Afternoon

In a word, heavy.  There is a lot happening in the world right now that is downright weighty.  Stepping out for some air seems sensible.  Early this morning, as the sun was just starting its rise, I stood on my back porch to enjoy the new cold in the quiet of nearly dark.  It felt … Continued

Picking (for) a Fight

Every fall, La Salle High School picks a fight.  A fight with hunger in Washington state, that is.  The student body is rallied, mobilized and sent out into various orchards in the Yakima Valley with the sole purpose of picking fruit for donation to Northwest Harvest.  They call this their annual pick-a-thon.  While philanthropy is … Continued

The Soil, The Site, The Season

As I drive into the vineyard at dawn, I’m greeted by the crisp morning air and the delicious smell of concord grapes. The stacks and stacks of bins are patiently standing tall in anticipation of when they will be filled. This is it. It’s go time. This is the culmination of all our time and … Continued

Restaurant Roots: Connecting With the Heart of a Community

September 2, 2006. My family of six arrived in the United States from Cambodia when I was eight years old. I was taking in the sights and sounds of Seattle, while my parents, Meng Seng Kouch and Chou Eam Chen, worried about what the future holds for our family. No one in our immediate family spoke … Continued

#ROOTCAM: Through Lupe’s Eyes

We at rooted are excited to launch a new feature we’re calling #ROOTCAM.  After celebrating our second anniversary, we all agree that one of the most amazing parts of our job is the incredible people we get to meet all over the Yakima Valley and interact with every week.  We decided we want more from … Continued

The Starling and the Falcon

The name “starling” is disarmingly cute, and of course it’s fun to say aloud.  Does the final syllable rhyme with ring, or do we drop the g and turn it into lean?  Starling.  Starlean.  Starline.  Starling(guh).  I’m told it’s a matter of whether one favors a velar or alveolar nasal consonant. Okay, maybe I have … Continued

There’s a Monster in My Garden

There’s a monster in my garden.  I can see its arched back as it writhes through the foliage.  A leviathan made of my own abandon.  It’s a zucchini.  A ridiculously massive zucchini.  A zucchini plant is like a pesky teenager this time of year.  They know when you’re not watching, and as soon as they’re … Continued

Fire and Love in the Back of a ’51 Chevy

Once upon a time in the Wenas, a breeze blew through a hop field.  The lingering smoke that had been hanging in the air for days was finally clearing, and the triple digit heat was noticeably down to normal summertime levels.  It was good.   A bus load of beer lovers was kicking up dust out … Continued