Farewell to a beautiful autumn and harvest season!  The rooted team has documented the dear apple over the past 2 years in 10 different ways.  As this growing season comes to an exhausting closure, we bring you the journey of the apple from inception right down to the last savory bite.

Fruit Coitus

February 24, 2017
By Andreana Gamache

We at rooted live smack-dab in the middle of apple country.  When we say miles of orchard, it’s no boast.  There are quite literally fruit trees in any direction from where ever you happen to find yourself here in the Yakima Valley.  Depending on market trends and growing techniques, orchards are planted and replanted all the time.  After seeing this go on for years on end, I suppose I had never taken the time to think about where these orchards came from with any detail or deep thought.  How did those trees come to be? (Continued)

Apple Pride Does Abound

By Andreana Gamache

Farmer Eyes

By Andreana Gamache

The Intricacies and Innovation of the Off-Season Apple

By Andreana Gamache

In Between the Bin and the Box

February 21, 2017
By Andreana Gamache

Maybe I’m an apple nerd, but there’s something about a fruit packing line in action that makes me smile.  A recent walk-through at Valicoff Fruit with Brett Valicoff was no different.  Especially now when the frozen outside world contrasts so sharply with the colorful fruit rolling its way down the line, it’s a relief to be reminded of the sun’s presence and prowess from the on-season. (Continued)


Bittersweet Symphony

October 28, 2016
By Andreana Gamache

Snakebite and black.  That was the first eye opening experience I had with cider.  My Irish friend was living in Edinburgh, Scotland, and visiting her there for several weeks in the mid-1990s, she turned me on to her favorite drink—a snakebite and black.  Essentially half lager, half cider, with a hit of blackcurrant cordial, it was definitely the drink of choice for us barely 20-something-bar-going-hipsters of the day. (Continued)

Hot Frothy Shaken Moonshine

November 27, 2015

“But for some, the drink embodies a proud cultural heritage of toughness and rebelliousness.” — *National Geographic

C’mon! What are you afraid of? Historically, moonshine was a clear spirit with a high alcohol content that was distilled illegally, often at night by the light of the moon–hence the name and its rebel connotation. But these days, moonshine may be just the hit Yakima needs to fully embrace change while still honoring its cultural roots. (Continued)

Thank you Malissa Gatton for the above apple orchard photo.

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