Behold the Apple

Farewell to a beautiful autumn and harvest season!  The rooted team has documented the dear apple over the past 2 years in 10 different ways.  As this growing season comes to an exhausting closure, we bring you the journey of the apple from inception right down to the last savory bite. Fruit Coitus February 24, 2017 … Continued

#ROOTCAM: Through Lupe’s Eyes

We at rooted are excited to launch a new feature we’re calling #ROOTCAM.  After celebrating our second anniversary, we all agree that one of the most amazing parts of our job is the incredible people we get to meet all over the Yakima Valley and interact with every week.  We decided we want more from … Continued

Stone Fruit’s First Harvest

Rooted’s summer college crew, Claire & Brent, came back to work at the farm again this year.  They spent some time out in the orchards of Parker Heights, a unique growing area tucked inside Union Gap, during stone fruit’s first harvest—the apricot. The duo visited Badgley Ranches, whose family has been growing apricots for decades. These apricots are sold … Continued

Good To Be Rooted

With the scent of spring in the air, and warm weather on our minds, we cheers to all that awaits us in the valley this season. Sport your rooted shirts and celebrate the Yakima Valley! (All shirts available for order here) Daily work shirt The Boyd shirt Beer, tacos and food trucks, (oh my!) shirt … Continued

Crafting Local Umami Goodness

During the cold dormant months, our Yakima Valley chefs crave fresh locally grown produce. Thanks to J&M Mushrooms, their umami needs are met. The Polar White Oyster mushrooms we watched Michael Bennett harvest out in Selah last week, seems to be a popular item on menus right now. We asked a few of our culinary friends what they … Continued

A Year in Gratitude

With just over a full year of rooted under our belt, we thought now would be a great time to have a look back at all of the people we’ve met and the things we’ve done for a proper, thoughtful, gratitude-fueled tribute.    With each experience being so unique and every person having something amazing … Continued