The Starling and the Falcon

The name “starling” is disarmingly cute, and of course it’s fun to say aloud.  Does the final syllable rhyme with ring, or do we drop the g and turn it into lean?  Starling.  Starlean.  Starline.  Starling(guh).  I’m told it’s a matter of whether one favors a velar or alveolar nasal consonant. Okay, maybe I have … Continued

Yakima Pub Crawl, Episode I.

I was going to attempt a lyrical beginning, about how the sun softly snuggles into the hills a little sooner each day, now that the hops are off the vine. But then I learned that hops don’t actually grow on vines.  Meaning, hops are not tendrilic, woody shoots that groove and move by touch and … Continued