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An Apple’s Passage to India

My grandpa, Barney Smith, was a seed salesman and would often say, “nothing happens until something is SOLD.” With that in mind I jumped at the chance to join my colleagues to market my family’s apples in the world’s largest democracy:  India. In the Yakima Valley, we ship apples all over the world, but rarely … Continued

Stick, dip, roll and wrap

Only a few days left until Valentine’s Day.  You know what that means.  Sugared delights.  But like candy corn at Halloween, and fruitcake at Christmas, February 14th has its own traditional treat that <1% of the population of North America actually eats.  Those ubiquitous crappy candy hearts with messages on them like Be Mine, and … Continued

Stay Stout this Winter

It all started with an easy enough mid-morning text from my dear friend Andreana Iccabazzi Gamache (such an awesome Scrabble winning name).  Hey Sean, do you prefer Stout beers in the winter?  The reply came quickly: Yes, of course, winter is for Stouts, everybody knows that.  But the real question came next. Why?  I was … Continued

#ROOTCAM: Capturing the Winter Sun

Yakima photographer, Michelle Baumbach captured the Cowiche Canyon for rooted this week. Enjoy the beauty. When autumn has finished its impressive display in town and the leaves have fallen from all the trees, it’s the canyon’s turn to dazzle.  During these cold and quiet months, the beauty of Cowiche Canyon is in its details.  Gone … Continued

Story Cultivation

Dear reader, what are you up to? We’ve traipsed from one end of the Yakima Valley to the other, and we know there is some amazing stuff going down all over. What are you doing that you’d like to share? What would you like to hear more about? We recently connected with a reader and … Continued