in season

Fruit Coitus

We at rooted live smack-dab in the middle of apple country.  When we say miles of orchard, it’s no boast.  There are quite literally fruit trees in any direction from where ever you happen to find yourself here in the Yakima Valley.  Depending on market trends and growing techniques, orchards are planted and replanted all … Continued

Crafting Local Umami Goodness

During the cold dormant months, our Yakima Valley chefs crave fresh locally grown produce. Thanks to J&M Mushrooms, their umami needs are met. The Polar White Oyster mushrooms we watched Michael Bennett harvest out in Selah last week, seems to be a popular item on menus right now. We asked a few of our culinary friends what they … Continued

Pinning Hopes

On a frozen morning in Selah, Aileen and I drive up a short hill off Selah Loop Road.  Getting out of the car, we are greeted by a dog named Hope.  It’s a sign.  We’re hoping to see some mushrooms growing this morning here at J&M Gourmet Mushrooms.   We spot Michael Bennett and he motions … Continued

An Inside Job

It felt sci-fi. On a winter day where the white surrendered to the cold gloom and all that was left was the gray, it was no wonder. The inside of a greenhouse in the dead of winter can feel no other way.  Climate-controlled 70+ degrees, moist air, and vibrant growth all around—we could have been … Continued

Carniceria: A Real Meat Market

The meat counter went on for miles.  That was my first impression. Well, maybe the second, there was some lovely colorful produce that hit me up as I first walked through the door of Carniceria Union Gap, which was pretty great as well.  But that meat case—it was something to make any decent omnivore a … Continued