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The Soil, The Site, The Season

As I drive into the vineyard at dawn, I’m greeted by the crisp morning air and the delicious smell of concord grapes. The stacks and stacks of bins are patiently standing tall in anticipation of when they will be filled. This is it. It’s go time. This is the culmination of all our time and … Continued

Restaurant Roots: Connecting With the Heart of a Community

September 2, 2006. My family of six arrived in the United States from Cambodia when I was eight years old. I was taking in the sights and sounds of Seattle, while my parents, Meng Seng Kouch and Chou Eam Chen, worried about what the future holds for our family. No one in our immediate family spoke … Continued

#ROOTCAM: Through Lupe’s Eyes

We at rooted are excited to launch a new feature we’re calling #ROOTCAM.  After celebrating our second anniversary, we all agree that one of the most amazing parts of our job is the incredible people we get to meet all over the Yakima Valley and interact with every week.  We decided we want more from … Continued

The Starling and the Falcon

The name “starling” is disarmingly cute, and of course it’s fun to say aloud.  Does the final syllable rhyme with ring, or do we drop the g and turn it into lean?  Starling.  Starlean.  Starline.  Starling(guh).  I’m told it’s a matter of whether one favors a velar or alveolar nasal consonant. Okay, maybe I have … Continued

There’s a Monster in My Garden

There’s a monster in my garden.  I can see its arched back as it writhes through the foliage.  A leviathan made of my own abandon.  It’s a zucchini.  A ridiculously massive zucchini.  A zucchini plant is like a pesky teenager this time of year.  They know when you’re not watching, and as soon as they’re … Continued