in season

Farmer Eyes

We are officially in the throes of Spring!  For farmers, they are past the beginning point and have been adjusting their legs to the constant movement that is farming as the season pushes forward at a pace all its own.  Decisions made now could have a significant impact on yield come harvest, and every day, … Continued


Either you love it, or you don’t think that much about it.  There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot in between.  I’m talking rhubarb here.  It’s like the red-headed stepchild of the vegetable patch.  If it’s not in your DNA, you disregard it—always choosing around it when presented with a rhubarb dessert opportunity, even … Continued

Salmon for Flowers

Driving into a neighborhood in the middle of Toppenish, Washington, I find myself surprised.  I recognize Les Schwab and the school bus depot, but as I pull off of Asotin Avenue, wedged in-between some houses on an ordinary side street, there is an open field of almost two acres of peonies.  “Adeline’s Peonies” by the … Continued

Ag Connections

WSDA Local Buying Mission Tour and Business Networking Social On a recent brisk, blissfully blue sky morning, rooted went on a mission.  Meeting in the early shade of the Bale Breaker Brewery in Moxee, Washington, we fell in with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and a host of ag-producers and ag-buyers to hit the … Continued

Rebel Bloom

This spring has been reminding me of a poorly cracked egg.  I just want that quick sunny side up I was expecting, but instead there has been a slow leaking of the season, slipping through the cracks a little at a time, revealing itself in a muddled and unhurried fashion.  For an area that is … Continued