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The Ugly Empanada

This is a tale of an ugly empanada.  A platter full actually.  Made with love and buffalo meat, they were juicy, flavorful, and entirely unattractive.  No matter.  Sometimes it’s the doing and completing of something new that matters more than a perfect end result. This story actually began south of the equator, in Buenos Aires, … Continued

2017 Readers’ Reflections

From restaurants to livestock, tacos to beer, and fruit to flowers, rooted readers reflect on the diversity of all that we have in the Yakima Valley, and reminisce over memories that stories evoked. Rooted is a place to commune over the land and its offerings. Thank you to our readers and to our many guest writers … Continued

#ROOTCAM: A Day in the Life of a Brewer

Third generation farmer Derrick Nordberg of Cowiche Creek Brewing Company takes over this week’s #ROOTCAM to share some insight into the multi-tasking life of brewing. Thanks, Derrick! Being the brewer at Cowiche Creek Brewing Company often means handling multiple tasks at the same time. This day was no exception. While brewing I was also running the tap … Continued

Learning the Ropes

When Nick and I started dating, Nick asked me about raising cattle, and I said why not? A year later when the opportunity to buy cattle came up, we jumped on it. We are farmers who were raised by farmers, and the idea of cultivating something bigger than us runs in our blood. In early … Continued

Tacos, a Love Story

  A Little Personal History It wasn’t always tacos. I remember very little about my early childhood in McAllen, Texas.  Lizards on the window screen. Snakes under the Christmas tree.  Gazing from our back steps at the periodic floods with brown water that looked like it stretched to the sky. And I remember the tortillas.  … Continued